The Burnaby Lake Park Association is made up of a Volunteer Board of Directors and Members. We are guided by our CORE VALUES:

  • Caring for the Environment
  • Community Collaboration and Action
  • Communication and Education


  • To preserve, restore, and protect the ecological integrity of Burnaby Lake Regional Park
  • To increase public appreciation for the natural environment by connecting people with nature through habitat restoration and enhancement , education and outreach
  • To advocate for environmentally responsible management of Burnaby Lake Regional Park


The BLPA is the catalyst that ensures Burnaby Lake Regional Park is a legacy for future generations.

  • Native biodiversity in Burnaby Lake Regional Park is improved resulting in resilient ecosystems providing habitat for a variety of species.
  • The public is aware of and appreciates the ecosystems around Burnaby Lake.
  • A broad community respects and cares for the park.
  • People of all abilities can enjoy being nature in Burnaby Lake Regional Park.

For more information on how to become involved, check our Volunteer page or contact us.