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GREEN means GO!

And the green we are starting to see around Burnaby Lake Regional Park!

With the recent rains and warmer temperatures, the trail conditions are much better but there are some still some icy and soggy bits. Please remember to dress for the conditions including waterproof boots (knee high is really good!) and bring your waders if you have them.
Meet at the rowing Pavilion, where we’ll give out further instructions and divide into working groups.

See you tomorrow!

Nest Box Monitoring 2017






Nest Box Update


We have had a look at the trails around the Land and after consulting with park operations, determined they are not safe to hold the nest box program on the 22nd. We have decided to wait until next month when the we’re pretty sure we’ll be back to our normal conditions.

New date:  Saturday, February 18, 10 am to 1 pm, Meet at the Rowing Pavilion.

Please RSVP to to be added to the list so we can keep you up to date on any weather related changes.


Birds Eye View of Burnaby Lake Regional Park by Amber Belzer (@AMBERontheair) via Instagram (01-19-17)

Nest Boxes – Sun. January 22 – Location Update

Well, the rains have returned and with luck the ice and snow and ice will have a chance to melt to the extent we can safely work, by the weekend. The forecast is for rain for most of the week with the heaviest on Saturday. Sunday is forecast to be a mix of rain and sun.

On Sunday, January 22, we will try to hold the work party to meet at the Rowing Pavilion,  10 am to 1 pm. Click here for a map.

Please dress appropriately for the weather and waterproof footwear is strongly suggested. If you happen to have rubber boots that go up to the knees (or higher!) they could also be useful as some of us will need to cross streams to get to the nest boxes.

Check local forecasts and do keep in mind that there has been a lot of snow and ice at Burnaby Lake.

Please RSVP to our volunteer coordinator at so you can be kept informed of up-to-date weather decisions or if you have any questions.