Sugoi Community Connect Day

Sugoi’s first ever Community Connect Day took place on Friday, November 9th  with employees taking part for an event called “Weedbusters”.   Community Connect is a global initiative through Sugoi’s parent company, where all the Dorel Recreational/Leisure offices participate in a volunteer day to give back to the communities that we live and work in that supports our vision of creating a fun, healthy world.   Sugoi was very proud to take part in this event for our Community Connect day as Burnaby Lake Regional Park is very near and dear to our employees.  Located in our own backyard, many employees take advantage of the park’s fantastic trail for running and walking throughout the day.  Unfortunately the park is threatened by numerous invasive plants which are a plant species that are not native to our region; grow rapidly; spread quickly and widely; and can grow just about anywhere.  These “superweeds” outcompete and displace native plants that wildlife depend on, can alter water flow and lead to erosion and/or less available water, and in the case of our “superweed” of the day (English Ivy) suffocate trees and cause them to die and fall. Sugoi working at Philips Point Luckily, the sun was shining on the crisp morning where the company was divided into 2 work groups donned in their best gardening gloves and work boots to trek deep into the bush off the trail at Philips Point to remove English Ivy.  Together we hacked, clipped, and pulled at the ivy that seemed to overrun the area to successfully clear our appointed region filling numerous bags with the offending ivy.  Our day was topped off with a pizza luncheon for all those appetites that were worked up at the park, where representatives from the Burnaby Lake Park Association educated employees about invasive plants, their control and impact on the environment, as well as other initiatives that they have to preserve, protect, and enhance the natural environment of Burnaby Lake Regional Park. Sugoi with their bags of ivy